Money Stuff

The cost of therapy is always an initial worry for clients.  We get this. 


Our focus has always been the client who gets up everyday and goes to work despite how they are feeling.  We recognise that this takes great courage and strength.  There are many government resources available to those who cannot do this.  We believe our support is best suited to those who earn a living but struggle in some areas of their life.


So with this in mind, our costs don’t break the bank.  We charge significantly less than a psychologist who typically charges in the region of $150 - $200 per individual session.  You may get a Medicare rebate towards some of this cost if you are on a mental health plan (obtainable through your GP) but have a limited number of session and usually practice one or two modalities such as CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy).


Medicare do not give rebates to clients who see a psychotherapist.  Our registration bodies have been actively campaigning for change for a number of years.  There is a reason; we do not offer a ‘quick fix’.  We work together for long lasting resolutions, change and above all peace. 


Although we also practice CBT, our training allows us to offer you a larger range of modalities such as Narrative, Gestalt, Family Systems, Existential and Solution-Focused therapy to name a few.  This allows our therapists to tuck into their tool-kit and use a mix of therapeutic methods that suit our client's’ unique personality rather than a one size fits all modality that you may not relate to. 


Our 2022 fees are $120 for Individual sessions and $185 for couples and families per hour in our Blackwall rooms on the Central Coast, either face to face or via telephone & Telehealth sessions.  We currently do not charge GST and usually send you an invoice payable within 2 days.  Alternatively, you may prefer to pay on the day.  We accept all credit cards, bank transfer and cash of course.


If you chose to continue with therapy, at The Red Chair, we can negotiate a payment schedule that suits your budget.  We do this with many clients.  This arrangement is built on the trust and goodwill that is built between the client and therapist as they experience this journey together.  We don’t want therapy to stop and lose momentum and hard work that our clients have achieved because of cost. 


As a result of this, many of our clients have been with The Red Chair Therapy for many years.  Some of our clients travel from Melbourne, Darwin, Adelaide as well as Regional NSW, typically every two or three months with telephone sessions in between.  We may occasionally travel to see them at their request.


Some take a break, come back for a ‘top-up’ or when a difficult situation crops up.  Sometimes our time together evolves into professional and personal development, even a mentoring or training relationship.


It truly is a wonderful and privileged journey for us.  


So, we hope this has given you a better idea of our approach which we believe is a little bit different to other therapist.  


Above all else, we believe that there is always hope and that is the biggest gift that we can offer you. 

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