Consulting Psychotherapy

Rooms in North Sydney & Central Coast, Telephone, Video and Email

The key skills you will learn at the Red Chair Therapy will affect the outcome of every conflict or mental health issue you experience.  Our work together can literally alter the course of your relationships and yourself.  You will feel empowered to better navigate your life.  There is every reason to hope.   So let's begin!


Tailored, Solutions-Focused

Therapy for Individuals, Couples

and Business Support.


An essential feature of psychotherapy is the client therapist relationship. Clients often ask for advice and solutions to their problems.


Counsellors try to empower clients so that they can become self sufficient and discover solutions with guidance rather than be dependent on advice. 

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 Our therapists have a number of areas of expertise such as Narcolepsy and other sleep disorders, autoimmune disease, PTSD and understanding suicide.

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